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Your questions about Bike Parkades, answered

Your questions about Bike Parkades, answered

Cyclist taps Compass Card to enter the Bike Parkade

For ease of integrating biking and taking transit in Metro Vancouver, we equip our transit system with accessible and affordable bike parking facilities like Bike Parkades, which are available at several SkyTrain stations.

Bike Parkades are perfect for active cyclists looking for an indoor facility to park their bikes for the day. To keep our facilities accessible and easy-to-use, we do a regular cleanout for abandoned bikes.

Does a Bike Parkade sound like something you’ll use? Here’s everything you need to know about it:

1. Why use Bike Parkades?

Bike Parkades are a more secure bike storage option compared to outdoor bike racks. Only registered customers can use the facilities, which are monitored by CCTV cameras 24/7.

2. Where can I find a Bike Parkade?

Bike Parkades are at select SkyTrain stations, bus exchanges, and West Coast Express stations throughout Metro Vancouver. To find the nearest one, check out the map or visit

3. How do I enroll?

To access Bike Parkades, customers need to register their Compass Card online for access. Once registered, scroll down to “My Programs” under the “My Cards” tab and enroll for the Bike Parkade program.

Note: You won’t see the enrollment option if you have negative balance on your Compass Card.

4. How much does it cost and how do I pay?

When you enroll, you will be charged $8, which will be added as Stored Value to your Compass Card. Your card must have a Stored Value balance to access the facilities.

Bike Parkades only cost $1 per day and capped at $8 per month. There won’t be extra charges for the day even if you tap in multiple times within the same facility as long as it’s before midnight. If you move to more than one facility, there will be a $1 daily charge for each facility used.

Note: Bike Parkade doors will not open if you have a negative balance on your Compass Card. Set up AutoLoad (automatic top-ups) online to ensure your card always has a positive balance.

5. How long can I park my bike in a Bike Parkade?

Bike Parkades are day storage facilities for your bikes. If you leave your bike overnight and retrieve it another day, a new daily charge of $1 will incur.

Since the Bike Parkades are not for long-term storage, bikes that have been left there more than four days are considered abandoned. The bike may be tagged and removed without notice.

We also regularly conduct cleanouts where these abandoned and forgotten bikes are donated to PEDAL Society’s Pedals for the People Program.

If your bike has been removed, call our Lost Property Office to find if your bike was on the list. Note that removed bikes will be donated after a two-week grace period from the day of the parkade cleanout.

6. Can I store my e-bike, e-scooter, or oversized bike?

E-scooters are not permitted in the Bike Parkade.

If you have an e-bike or a bike that weighs 40 lbs or more, use the lower racks. If you have an oversized bike like a cargo bike, bike with trailers, and recumbent bike, use the designated stalls inside the parkade.

7. Do I need a bike lock?

Yes! The racks in the Bike Parkades do not have locks so you need to provide yours.

8. How do I use the racks?

Watch this video on how to use our Bike Parkades. Instructions on how to use the rack are also available in the parkade. Remember to leave just your bike in the parkade and take any personal belongings with you.


9. What safety features do Bike Parkades have?

Each Bike Parkade is a fully lit, indoor, glass-walled facility equipped with video surveillance.

10. What other bike parking options are there?

Bike Lockers are reserved lockers for your bikes which has its own built-in lock. Users are provided a key upon reservation.

On-Demand Bike Lockers are keyless bike lockers that are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Users will lock and unlock the locker via the Bikeep app.


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