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[APRIL FOOLS!] Flying transit is here: TransLink takes off with SkyLift, an eVOTL service

[APRIL FOOLS!] Flying transit is here: TransLink takes off with SkyLift, an eVOTL service

An eVTOL vehicle taking off at Olympic Village

[APRIL FOOLS!] While we’re not quite ready to bring air transit to Metro Vancouver, you can check out the future of transit for the next 30 years as part of Transport 2050.

Have you ever dreamed of soaring through the sky like a bird? Well, now you can, thanks to TransLink’s new air transport service, SkyLift!

Operated using state-of-the-art electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, SkyLift will let you hop on an electric-powered aircraft and fly from one destination to another in minutes.

Starting from April 1, 2023, you can book your SkyLift flights using the TransLink website.

Flights will depart from various SkyLift stations across the region, beginning with Waterfront, Olympic Village, YVR Airport, and Coquitlam Central stations.

SkyLift is part of TransLink’s vision to make transit more fun, fast, and eco-friendly. It will cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, traffic jams, and travel time, while giving you a breathtaking view of the city. Plus, it’s super cool.

We already connect customers by land and water through bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express services. It’s a natural evolution for us to expand to include service by air through SkyLift.

You can choose from different types of aircrafts, such as single-seater drones, four-seater pods, or eight-seater shuttles. But wait, there’s more!

As a special launch offer, TransLink is giving away free SkyLift flights to the first 100 customers who use the promo code APRILFOOLS. That’s right, you can fly for free on April 1st.

Just don’t forget to bring your Compass Card and your sense of adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your SkyLift flight today and experience the thrill of flying transit.

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