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An all-new south entrance opens at SkyTrain’s Brentwood Town Centre Station

An all-new south entrance opens at SkyTrain’s Brentwood Town Centre Station

The south staircase for Brentwood Town Centre Station

New year, new way to access SkyTrain’s Brentwood Town Centre Station!

We’ve re-opened the entrance to the station along the south side of Lougheed Highway.

After extensive renovations, there’s an all-new staircase that’s glass enclosed, providing better protection and comfort for customers. We’ve also added an elevator to this entrance to improve access between the street and concourse levels.

The re-opening of the south entrance means we can start the next phase of improvements. The north entrance from Lougheed Highway, near McDonald’s, is closed until the end of summer for upgrades.

While we complete this work, customers can access the station using the re-opened south entrance or the escalator, stairs, and elevators at The Amazing Brentwood mall. There is no change to access for bus services.

Brentwood Town Centre Station north stationhouse near the mall entrance.
Customers can access Brentwood Town Station from The Amazing Brentwood mall while upgrades are completed at the Lougheed Highway, north-side street-level entrance.

We’re also adding two new escalators — a “down” escalator from each platform to the concourse level — to improve accessibility and convenience for customers. We expect the escalators to open by the end of summer.

These upgrades are all part of TransLink’s Maintenance and Upgrade Program and the Brentwood Town Centre Station Upgrades to improve accessibility for all customers, upgrade the amenities, and provide a better customer experience by allowing more customers to move comfortably throughout the station.


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