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Behind the wrap: TransLink’s Lunar New Year bus

Behind the wrap: TransLink’s Lunar New Year bus

Lunar New Year bus at Marpole Loop

One of the most awaited and animated celebrations of the year in Metro Vancouver is once again here. Lunar New Year, which falls on February 10 in 2024, is the grandest traditional festival celebrated in East and Southeast Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Philippines.

While the festival originated in Asia, it is widely celebrated across the globe including here in Metro Vancouver.

We’re excited to once again wrap a bus this year in celebration of Lunar New Year.

The new year marks the transition between zodiac signs. And as tribute to the zodiac sign of the year, the year’s zodiac animal is the centerpiece of our Lunar New Year bus.

In 2023, we spotlighted the rabbit as tribute for the Year of the Rabbit.


This 2024, which is the Year of the Dragon, the majestic and all powerful dragon will dominate our bus wrap.


The details: The dragon


In Chinese mythology, dragons have great power to control wind and rain, soar through the skies, turn over rivers and seas, and bring prosperity to the world. It is believed to bring good luck, having the power to bring good weather and plenty of harvest and/or boom in wealth.

In other zodiacs, the dragon can have different symbolisms. In Vietnam, it’s considered the “holy one” and is believed those born in this zodiac year are born talented. In Korea, the dragon is a symbol of strength, authority, and success. In Japan, the Year of the Dragon hints a promising year of positive change and fresh beginnings.

The details: Roundedness


Once you look at the design in detail, you’ll notice there are plenty of rounded elements. From the edges and patterns on the dragon’s body, to the subtle rounded pattern in the background – there are many rounded shapes. This approach has to do with the dragon’s movement — it’s free moving and it moves in waves — similar to the movement of the Lunar New Year parade. Imagine a bird’s eye view of the Lunar New Year parade path, it creates a wave!

The details: Colours red, yellow, and gold

Red is the colour for celebration. You’ll see the colour in decorations and the red envelopes one receives during Lunar New Year events. In Chinese culture, red means vitality, long life, happiness, and success, and is believed to bring luck.

Yellow is considered the most beautiful and prestigious colour. It was the emperor’s colour in Imperial China and symbolizes power. The Yellow River is often referenced as the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilization, and referred as the “Mother River”. This colour symbolizes empathy, warmth, and good faith. Gold, which is considered a shade of yellow, like red, is also a symbol of good luck. Similar to Western culture, gold is also a symbol of wealth and riches in Chinese culture.

The details: Patterns and styles


To pay homage to Lunar New Year being a traditional festival, the design elements of our bus showcase traditional styles. The clouds are reminiscent of traditional line drawing. The patterns embody traditional Chinese aesthetic.

Now that you know more about our Lunar New Year bus, make sure to take photos when you see it!


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