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Track maintenance to reduce Expo Line service in downtown Vancouver on Mar. 30

Track maintenance to reduce Expo Line service in downtown Vancouver on Mar. 30

Customers waiting to board the SkyTrain at Waterfront Station

Heads up! There will be reduced Expo Line service in downtown Vancouver on Saturday, Mar. 30 so we can complete track maintenance.

Who’s affected: Customers who ride the SkyTrain’s Expo Line in downtown Vancouver. Millennium Line and Canada Line customers are not affected.

What do I need to do: During track maintenance, there will be longer than usual waits. Customers should plan for up to an additional 20 minutes of travel time.

  • Check the platform screens before boarding as the final destination for trains could be different than usual.
    • Since the screens display the upcoming three trains, you may notice the screens do not show your destination immediately. But rest assured, they are on the way.
  • Wait for your train at Platform 2 at Waterfront, Burrard, Granville, and Stadium–Chinatown stations as trains will use the same platform in both directions.
    • Trains may be held at the platform to maintain consistent wait times between trains. They will depart according to the time on platform screens.

Additional details: On this day, Expo Line service is operating between Waterfront and King George, Burrard and Production Way–University, Granville and King George, and Stadium–Chinatown and Braid.

  • This means there are no direct trains from Production Way–University, Braid, or Sapperton to Waterfront Station. Customers should take the next available train and change trains at Stadium–Chinatown Station.
  • Trains will run every 15 minutes between Waterfront and King George, and every 15 minutes between Granville and King George.
  • Trains between Burrard and Production Way–University Stations will run every 15 minutes.
  • Trains between Stadium–Chinatown and Braid Stations will run every 15 minutes.
  • Trains are operating every five minutes between Stadium–Chinatown and Columbia Station.
  • Heading to the Vancouver Whitecaps game at BC Place on the day? Here’s what you need to know:
    • For customers travelling into downtown Vancouver from Burnaby, Surrey, and other eastern destinations, there will be minimal impact arriving to the game.
    • When returning home after the game, customers may notice longer than usual waits and Stadium–Chinatown Station may be busier than usual. We will insert spare trains wherever possible to alleviate crowding. The longest waits will be approximately 8 minutes.
    • For customers arriving from North Vancouver or West Vancouver via the SeaBus, please allow an extra 20 minutes of travel time in both directions for your Expo Line portion of your trip for connections through Waterfront Station.

What’s happening: We are replacing two switch machines that control the movement of track switches, which allow trains to change tracks and direction. The new machines are more efficient and reliable and once installed will ensure we can increase operational efficiencies of terminating trains.

  • We’re closing Platform 1 in downtown Vancouver to complete this work, which means trains will use Platform 2 in both directions.
  • Trains heading west to Waterfront, Burrard, Granville, and Stadium–Chinatown Stations are crossing over to the track in the opposite direction, between Stadium–Chinatown and Main Street–Science World Station, to use Platform 2. Then they’ll travel the downtown Vancouver area in groups of four.
    • The first train will travel to Waterfront Station and terminate before reversing, the second train will travel as far as Burrard Station, the third train as far as Granville, and the fourth train as far as Stadium.
    • The first train leaving downtown Vancouver will be Stadium–Chinatown heading to Braid, the second train Granville to King George, the third train Burrard to Production Way–University, and the fourth train from Waterfront to King George.

Zoom out: TransLink’s Maintenance and Upgrade Program is making investments in aging infrastructure across the system to keep customers safe, comfortable, and moving across a reliable transit network every day. For more information and to learn more, please visit

A track switch located near Gateway Station
An example of a track switch, located near Gateway Station. A switch machine, which is what we’re replacing near Waterfront Station, is located underneath the track and controls the movement of the tracks.

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