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Canada Line pedestrian-bicycle bridge opens Friday, Aug. 14

The Canada Line pedestrian-bicycle bridge, approaching from the Vancouver side.

The Canada Line pedestrian-bicycle bridge, approaching from the Vancouver side.

A map of the bridge location – click for a larger version.

A map of the bridge location – click for a larger version.

We’re opening the Canada Line Pedestrian-Bicycle Bridge on Friday Aug. 14!

It’s a new walking/cycling bridge attached to the side of the North Arm Bridge—that’s the bridge carrying the Canada Line over the Fraser River, connecting Vancouver and Richmond.

The $10 million bridge was built and financed by TransLink, in conjunction with Canada Line. As cycling networks are developed in Richmond and Vancouver, this bridge provides a vital link between the cities!

Plus if you’re interested, there’s a small opening ceremony taking place tomorrow morning, with things kicking off at 12:30 p.m. (It’s just a ceremony: no cake or entertainment or anything!)

Parking is very limited, so please bike, walk, or take transit to the Vancouver side, and you can join us for a ceremonial first walk across the bridge.

The walk will be led by TransLink CEO Tom Prendergast and Vancouver Deputy Mayor Geoff Meggs from the north side, accompanied by police bike patrols, and meeting with Acting Mayor Ken Johnston of Richmond in the centre.

They will then carry on to the south side of the span, where a ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on the Richmond side. Once the ceremony is complete, the bridge will be opened for bicycle and pedestrian traffic! (It will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by the way.)

Pattullo Bridge update — Thursday afternoon


  • Pile driving began and we started with a 60’ length of pipe. Pile driving may continue from 2-5 days.


  • Rush hours are starting earlier on the roads and bridges, and while still busy, we see traffic on the main roads moving steadily once off the spans.
  • People are getting the message about spreading out their commuting times. On the Port Mann, we see it starting at around 1:30 pm in the afternoon for the ride home.
  • This morning we saw westbound traffic start at 4:00am-4:30am and the buildup started from the feeder roads at that point. Alex Fraser commuters are starting earlier in both directions as well, and it was reported that the flow was quite smooth off the bridge.
  • The Queensborough is still heavy and the most congested during the rush.. There are two tow trucks around Queensborough to help folks in a jam.
  • We’re seeing longer, spread-out am commutes, ending at 9:30am.
  • We advise drivers to choose Hwy 15 ( 176th ) over 152nd when heading for the #1, in order to avoid bottlenecks. There are some bottle-necks occurring at #10 Highway feeding onto the 99.



  • Last night it was very busy at the Columbia and Lougheed stations. We had a medical emergency at Metrotown but trains were moving again in about 10 minutes. Very heavy loads from 4-6 pm from Waterfront to Broadway Stations
  • We’re seeing a noticeable increase inbound from Surrey Central. Scott Road is building consistently as well.
  • “Turnback” trains are in use at Scott Road, to help alleviate crowding outside of Surrey (this is in addition to the turnbacks already being used between Waterfront and Broadway stations in the morning peak period)
  • Rush hour last night went up to 8pm. This was a solid indicator that people are getting the messages about spreading their commuting times around on transit.
  • Last night we operated all 59 trains.
  • This morning, we operated 60 trains, a new record. The loading started heavy at 5:00am and was busy till 7:55am during the morning rush.
  • Our passenger counts are building and we anticipate 1000 per hour during the am rush hours. Very much busier today
  • People are travelling later in the am and going home later in the pm, so our riders are spreading the commute out. Again, the word is getting out.
  • Service now starts service at 4:30 AM from Surrey on weekdays (regular service will operate on weekends). All available cars are being used and rush hour service is extended as needed.
  • Again, bicycles are temporarily banned from trains due to the growing number of riders on transit and safety concerns about blocked exits. SkyTrain is very aware of the difficulties placed on our cyclists and are re-evaluating this decision daily.


  • We are adding in shuttle buses during the am and pm peak from Guilford area to Gateway Station. In order to turn the buses around we will be routing 108 Ave, north 135 Street, west 107A ave, north 132 Street.
  • The new #388 22nd St. Station bus, which runs in peak periods to and from Walnut Grove, now stops at Scott Road Station, anticipating that the Alex Fraser Bridge may have additional congestion. Those who normally take the #388 to or from 22nd St. Station may take SkyTrain to Scott Road.
  • Again, we’ve instituted a “belt loop” route, circulating through North Surrey/Whalley between Gateway Station and Guildford
  • A reminder: regular fares apply on all bus routes, and may be used to transfer to SkyTrain and other buses in Metro Vancouver during the 90-minute time limit.


  • In providing the free temporary Park & Ride spots, we remove all signage restrictions where possible. However, these do not do not include parking in front of fire hydrants or driveways. Please obey all traffic regulations.
  • We haven’t really seen any additional utilization at the Front Street Park & Ride in New Westminster. Police are patrolling that lot as they are patrolling all our temporary Park & Ride spots in Surrey. Cost is $6 between 6am and 6pm and $2 between 6pm and 6am.
  • A reminder that the City of Surrey has opened nearly 500 free temporary park and ride spaces in addition to existing facilities:
    • 176th St. and 63rd Ave. (Cloverdale Fairgrounds). An express bus will run to King George SkyTrain Station 5:30-8:30am and 3:30-6:30pm.
    • Along 110th Ave. near Scott Road Station
    • Near 103rd Ave. on West Whalley Ring Road near Surrey Central Station
    • Also, opening Friday, Jan. 23, at Hilton Rd. & Grosvenor in Surrey, near 108th Avenue and convenient to the “belt loop” bus; walking distance (3-4 blocks) from Gateway Station.
    • Also new! Available Friday morning for the duration of the bridge closure (425 spaces): Home Depot site at Scott Road station – approximately 175 paved parking spaces and 250 grass lot spaces.
    • South Surrey Park and Ride has an extra 10 available as well.

We encourage people to pre-buy their tickets when possible. You can purchase discounted books of ten FareSavers for one, two or three-zone travel at most major grocery stores and at other retail locations around the Lower Mainland. (Try our online FareDealer location tool to find the FareDealer nearest you!)

As well, developing these alternate services has been a combined effort of the various teams that make transit services run in Metro Vancouver: planning and scheduling, service delivery, vehicle maintenance, security and customer service.

More information – including a detailed description of the “belt loop” route, locations of park and rides around Metro Vancouver and locations of bike storage facilities at SkyTrain stations – can be found at the TransLink website or by calling Customer Information at (604) 953-3333.

As always, thank you to everyone for for your patience and understanding through this. Remember, you can also check out our Customer Alerts page or the Youtube info stream for more info.

Pattullo Bridge update – 3:30 p.m.


  • Demolition of asphalt was completed around very early Tuesday morning and is currently being hauled away. Demolition of the timber structure is starting this afternoon and is expected to be complete by the end of day. Removal of that debris will continue through Wednesday
  • We are mobilizing the bridge contractor for start of construction on Thursday morning.
  • We are working hard to reduce the expected length of time that the bridge will be out of service.


  • Volume was heavy on the highways, peaking earlier and dropping off earlier. Traffic was moving, though there were significant delays, particularly on feeder routes.
  • We note that people are still crossing over into the HOV lane. Police are out and enforcing the HOV rules.
  • We continue to encourage carpooling, and there is capacity available. Check out Jack Bell Ride-Share for more info.
  • We ask that all drivers continue to drive safely, top off your gas and thank you for following the rules of the road
  • We continue to look at providing more options and additional capacity for people moving and transit priority.



  • We estimate we had 22% extra capacity this morning. We ran 59 trains ran which is 200 of 210 cars—best we’ve put out
  • Very light from 4:30 to 5:00am
  • 7:00-8:00am saw 400 additional riders at King George.
  • Scott Road was busier. We’ll get some counts. No change at Lougheed. Columbia busier on the Millennium line in both directions, like yesterday.
  • Traffic thru Broadway Station busier but manageable
  • As of 9:00am lots of capacity in both directions
  • Definitely busier today.
  • The temporary ban on bikes will continue. SkyTrain wants to send out a big “thank you” to our SkyTrain cyclists for their patience during the Pattullo Bridge closure. Just a reminder that until we can restore bike service, cyclists can still park their bikes, if they choose to, at many SkyTrain stations and bus loops. For more information on bike racks and bike lockers, please check out the TransLink web site for details. Thanks again cyclists for your help!


  • Still significant delays due to vehicular traffic on the 3 Surrey corridors
  • People are trying to get to the Port Mann, Alex Fraser, and Queensborough bridges and the Massey Tunnel
  • Rush started 30 minutes earlier this morning. We saw a modest increase in transit use however the main use is still vehicle
  • Hwy 99 was not backed up as much as yesterday
  • Mary Hill By-Pass flowed well
  • Shuttles were not used on north side for commuting purposes but all shuttles on the Surrey side were used
  • Scott Road traffic volume was a challenge this morning. Additional special buses were added


  • The City of Surrey is making approximately 200 curbside spots available along King George Highway, north of 100th Avenue. Another 80 spots along 110th Avenue at Scott Road Station are also open tomorrow.
  • We have 40 spots available at a city parking lot at 10338 West Whalley Ring Road, near Surrey Central Station.
  • These temporary Park & Ride spots are free during the rebuild of the new bridge section.
  • We continue to investigate other locations for park & ride spots near the Surrey SkyTrain stations


We encourage people to pre-buy their tickets when possible. You can buy tickets at the stations and FareDealer locations around the Lower Mainland.

And remember, you can also check out our Customer Alerts page or the Youtube info stream for more info.

CMBC’s Snow Plan

Trolleys stuck in the snow on Main Street, January 4, 2009. Photo by the indefatigable Terry Muirhead. (Thanks Terry for all the photos you send in!)

Trolleys stuck in the snow on Main Street, January 4, 2009. Photo by the indefatigable Terry Muirhead.

Okay, again as requested in the comments from the first entry of 2009, readers Dan, Sungsu and Coffee Barista were interested in seeing the snow plans from SkyTrain and CMBC.

I’ve posted SkyTrain’s snow plan, and now here’s the snow plan from CMBC.

Read more »

Congratulations to our CUTA award winners!

A big congratulations to Che Florant and Cameron Irvine, two Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC) employees who were honoured by the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) last week!

At CUTA’s fall conference in Windsor, Ontario, bus operator Che Florant received an Employee Excellence Award for helping a single mother who left her wallet on another bus. The wallet had $200 in it, which she was planning to spend on diapers and groceries for her children.

Che helped track down the other bus, but when the wallet couldn’t be found, Che gave the woman $40 out of his own pocket. He refused any repayment, and didn’t tell the company about his actions—in fact, the only reason anybody found out was when the woman’s ex-boyfriend wrote a letter to the company expressing his thanks. The letter included this comment:

I was completely stunned and absolutely amazed! I have lived in Vancouver for 15 years now and I have never encountered such a completely selfless act of kindness before.

As well, Customer Information Supervisor Cameron Irvine won a Volunteer/Advocate Award, for his efforts to help his co-workers and the company give back to the communities they serve—actions that go far beyond his regular responsibilities.

Cam has worked in transit for more than 23 years, and has always been involved with organizing annual company food and clothing drives, and coordinating monthly employee blood-donor drives. And since 1999, Cam has facilitated the United Way “Days of Caring,” a semi-annual community outreach program, and is currently the Chair of CMBC’s United Way Employee Campaign.

This is in fact the second year in a row that CMBC employees have been recognized by CUTA. Last year, transit operator Jas Grewal was honoured with an award for intervening in an attack.

Jas was driving a Vancouver city bus when he spotted a group of four or five boys beating up another. He chased the attackers away with a wheel block, then attended to the boy who was being beaten. The attackers came back, but police arrived as Jas grabbed the wheel block again. It also turned out the victim had a shunt inserted in his brain, and the beating could have been fatal if Jas had not stopped to help.

Again, a big congratulations and thanks for doing such an amazing job, all of you!