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Ask TransLink: Jason D and Candace K, Twitter customer information chat on Reddit


From April 15 to May 10, you can Ask TransLink! We’re spotlighting one TransLink staff member every week and inviting you to ask them questions about their work. Find out all about the series.

Jason D and Candace K, Twitter customer information work leaders

Jason D and Candace K, Twitter customer information work leaders

Well, that was fun! In case you missed it, we held our first Reddit chat yesterday! For two hours the fantastic Jason D and Candace K of customer information answered a slew of questions. Many thanks to all of you who participated. What was discussed? Well, here’s a few questions and answers.

Zorbane asked:

How do you get a job like that? I’ve never seen any courses on using twitter before.

Thanks for your work though I ask @translink for help all the time

^jd answered:

Hello Zorbane, Twitter is part of the Customer Information Workleader role, We started as Customer Information Clerks and over time worked up to being workleaders. If you are interested in working here make sure to check the website for posting

Shuawuzheer asked:

How do you deal with unhappy people?

^ck answered:

Hello Shuawuzheer, Once I find out what they are unhappy about I try to see if there is anything I can do to try and fix it. We also try to keep a cheery disposition.

troublewillfindyou asked: 

Does the filming of shows/movies in Vancouver affect traffic?

^jd answered:
Hello troublewillfindyou, Yes, filming can cause some traffic problems, our planning department does work closely with the city so we can plan accordingly to minimize service delays.

We only had time to answer two hours of questions, but we could have keep going for sure!

Our last installment of Ask TransLink is next week. Get those planning questions ready for Mary Reimer, transit planner. She’ll be answering your transit planning questions all week on the blog and once on Facebook.

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  • By K, May 7, 2013 @ 11:17 am

    Why do rhe busses never follow the schedule? This morning, i got to the bus station 3 minutes early and just missed the bus. Seeing i had time to eat breakfast before the next bus, i went home. I then got to the bus station 5 minutes early and still just missed the bus. Then i waited and the third bus finally came 10 minutes late. The bus stop number was 51797, the relevant times were 10:39, 10:55, 11:05

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