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Life on Transit: welcome to our March special post series!

Life on Transit: welcome to our March special post series!


Each month during 2013, we’re exploring a special topic in the Buzzer newsletter and blog!

Last month we wrote about TransLink 101—and for March/April, we’ll be focusing on Life on Transit! (And don’t worry, we’ll still post about other content too!)

What’s Life on Transit about?

With Life on Transit, we’re hoping to spotlight the experience of riding transit—that is, observing and illuminating the quirks and habits of daily transit rides around our region.

We’ll be doing polls, open threads, interviews and more around the following topics:

Longtime Buzzer blog readers might remember some of these topics from polls we ran in the first few years of this blog :) Well, they’re so nice we’re covering them twice!

Talk to us about your transit experiences

Well, as always, we’d love your feedback to help inform our series!

Write to us in the comments about your experiences, or feel free to write to We’re excited to showcase great submissions to spur more conversations!


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