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Get involved in the environmental and socio-economic reviews for both rapid transit projects

UPDATE – Nov, 06, 2018: In light of the resolution passed by the City of Surrey council we are pausing work on the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT Project and suspending the RFQ process while we await direction from the Mayors’ Council and the TransLink Board. Read the full statement from TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond here.

Today, we are launching the Environmental and Socio-Economic Review process for both the Vancouver and Surrey rapid transit projects.

To get involved, please review the technical summaries for each project. Next, fill out the online surveys until November 6 for the Millennium Line Broadway Extension and Surrey–Newton–Guildford LRT projects.

What’s the goal of the environmental and socio-economic review? Glad you asked! It’s part of our planning and engineering work for both projects. The review process will:

  • Describe the existing conditions and identify potential effects of the project;
  • Study those effects and evaluate how much impact they will have;
  • Identify mitigation measures, or actions to avoid or reduce potentially negative effects; and
  • Develop construction and operations requirements that the project contractors will have to meet.

We’re asking residents to provide feedback in one or more of the follow areas: socio-economics, archaeological and heritage resources, noise and vibration, air quality and greenhouse gases, contaminated sites, electric and magnetic field effects, and general or other comments.

Your feedback will help inform what we study now, in order to better understand project effects from construction or operations. It will help us in refining both projects’ designs to support a final funding request to the provincial government and to support development of construction and operating performance requirements in delivering the projects.

The Environmental and Socio-Economic Review’s findings will be published in early 2018. We’ll also be back in 2018 with another opportunity to get involved. A summary of what we have heard so far is available on our Millennium Line Broadway Extension and Surrey–Newton–Guildford LRT project websites.


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