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TransLink raises $1.5 million by selling carbon credits

One of the compressed natural gas buses in the Coast Mountain Bus Company fleet.

TransLink has sold its first set of carbon credits under British Columbia’s low-carbon fuel program. By doing so, we earned $1.5 million that will be invested into improving service for our customers!

The Province of B.C. has a target to reduce carbon pollution from transportation fuels 10 per cent by 2020 (compared to 2010 levels), and we’re doing our part to contribute to this ambitious goal!

The province’s low-carbon fuel program identifies TransLink as a fuel supplier for compressed natural gas (CNG), a fuel that has lower carbon pollution than diesel. What this means is that every one tonne of carbon saved by using CNG instead of diesel, TransLink gains a carbon credit which can then be sold to diesel fuel suppliers who hold carbon debits under the program.

Thanks to Coast Mountain Bus Company’s CNG bus fleet, our reduced carbon footprint has equated to removing nearly 2,500 cars from the road.

Author: Elizabeth Sol & Allen Tung

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  • By Ian, November 23, 2017 @ 5:09 pm

    Do the even cleaner electric trolley buses not get credits?

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