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Friday fun poll: do you listen to something while riding transit?

Do you listen to something while riding transit?

My first portable audio player was a blue 512MB Sandisk MP3 player, purchased around 2007. Ever since, I’ve listened to either music or podcasts while riding transit.

What about you? Do you listen to something while riding transit? In our poll from 2016, most of you told us you spend your time on transit listening to music. Let me know in the comments section what you’re listening to!

Do you listen to something while taking transit?

  • Yes (65%, 104 Votes)
  • No (35%, 56 Votes)

Total Voters: 160

Last poll’s results

In our previous poll, we asked whether you boarded from the front, middle or rear doors on all-door boarding routes, and the results are in! Forty-five per cent of you said you boarded from the rear door, 31 per cent from the middle door and 24 per cent from the front door.

The 95 B-Line is one of the routes where we are piloting all-door boarding. David said on Facebook he’s enjoying the pilot so far, noting he boards from the rear: “I’ve appreciated being able to board through the rear door on the #95 as I always sit at the back due to the length of my ride and now I don’t have to try to get to the rear of the bus while it’s moving!”

Adam commented on the Buzzer blog, saying it’s any door but the front for him: “I never board at the front on the all-door routes. It’s best to save the door with a ramp for someone who absolutely needs it.”

For Rob and Henry, where they board is all strategy. Henry likes the middle bench seats onboard most of our articulated buses, so he boards from the middle door. Rob said, “I’m often making a quick transfer and since the stops are after intersections, rear door boarding and exit makes for the best chance of catching that next bus!”

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