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106 new CNG buses roll into Surrey

106 new CNG buses roll into Surrey

Compressed Natural Gas Bus

Compressed Natural Gas Bus

Clean energy initiatives and safety are two high priorities at TransLink, which is why we’re excited to be adding 106 new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses to the fleet at the recently upgraded Surrey Transit Centre. All 106 of these new buses will also be equipped with bus safety barriers to help keep our operators, and passengers safe. Transit riders can expect to see these new CNG buses in operation in Surrey starting this week, with full roll out of all remaining new clean energy buses by the end of 2018.

Once all new CNG buses are in service, more than half of the 209 buses in the Surrey fleet will be new! Renewing our bus fleet is part of our commitment to keep our system in a state of good repair. Most of our 40-foot and 60-foot buses have a 17-year replacement life as this life cycle has proven to have the lowest overall cost and practical life for our fleet.

These new buses come with a smoother, more comfortable and powerful ride which equals a more improved customer experience for our passengers. And passengers aren’t the only ones to benefit from these quieter buses, thanks to smoother transmissions, shifting on these buses is a far more fluid meaning less noise for those on and around the bus. Just in time for summer, all new CNG buses climate controlled and set for 20.5°C, with a rear sun roof  and European-style windows flush with the side of the bus.

Interior of CNG Bus

“These new buses represent a major renewal for our Surrey transit fleet, and the benefits are many. Our customers and bus operators will enjoy a more comfortable ride with air-conditioned, quieter buses. And these new buses will also deliver substantial financial and environmental benefits with significantly reduced costs for fuel and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.” Kevin Desmond, CEO, TransLink

Did you know:

Aside from the many comfort and aesthetic features of the new CNG buses, some other added benefits include:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions – 13-21% less than diesel buses
  • Fuel cost savings – 60% less than diesel (saving $2.1 million annually)
  • Longer engine life – additional 200,000 kms (compared to typical diesel fleet)
  • Improved safety – All buses will have an operator safety barrier installed

There are currently 146 CNG buses operating in the Coast Mountain Bus Company fleet out of Port Coquitlam Transit Centre and Hamilton Transit Centre in Richmond. This addition means that more than half of TransLink’s conventional bus fleet will run using clean energy.

Our clean energy bus fleet consists of:

  • 262 electric trolley,
  • 252 compressed natural gas, and
  • 252 hybrid diesel buses

You may remember back in 2017, we raised $1.5 million by selling carbon credits. The addition of these CNG buses will increase our eligibility of claiming carbon credits under the provincial low carbon fuel standard program.

Have you taken a ride on a CNG bus? What’s your favourite feature?

Author: Sarah Kertcher


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