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Google Doodle thanks public transportation workers

The April 14 "doodle" on Google thanks public transportation workers.

The April 14 “doodle” on Google thanks public transportation workers.

If you’ve logged on to Google today, April 14, you will have noticed there’s a new “doodle” today thanking public transportation workers! It shows the letter “g” in Google tossing a heart to the letter “e” that’s operating the bus, who catches it, before exploding into more hearts.

As an organization, we too would like to thank all of our employees for keeping essential workers moving and making essential trips possible. While ridership has declined dramatically as people have transitioned to working from home, there’s still more than 75,000 people who are still depending on transit. This includes daycare workers like Ava Jade, restaurant workers like Ryu Fukazawa and nurses like Cara Muller.

The doodle part of their “thank you coronavirus helpers” series that launched on April 6 to honour essential frontline workers, including healthcare workers, first responders and the many people keeping services like sanitation, food service, public transit, schools, and more up and running.

Google explains, “Doodles are the fun, surprising and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries and the lives of famous artists, pioneers and scientists.”

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  • By Joe, A 12 for Transit, April 14, 2020 @ 4:49 pm

    That doodle’s nice but to really appreciate transit workers we need to save TransLink. This petition calls on the Canadian PM and the BC Premier to step up to the plate and save the world’s best public transit:

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