Compass and age-based discounts begin for HandyDART users

Compass and age-based discounts begin for HandyDART users

Customer taps their concession Compass Card on the HandyDART bus

HandyDART customers now pay less with more payment options

HandyDART customers can now benefit from age-based discounts and contactless payment through Compass Cards and Tap to Pay. These improvements are a result of the HandyDART Modernization Program, and will make HandyDART more equitable with the conventional transit system while simplifying use and payment through Compass.

“HandyDART is a lifeline for so many of our customers,” says TransLink CEO Kevin Quinn. “I’m proud that these changes will greatly reduce the costs of use for over 70 per cent of our customers while also making the service easier to use.”

Through the introduction of Compass, HandyDART customers will now be able to:

  • Access AutoLoad for automatic balance top-ups.
  • Protect their stored balance if their Compass Card is lost or stolen.
  • Transfer more easily between HandyDART and the bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain, and West Coast Express.
  • Use additional fare products such as DayPasses, Compass Wristbands, and Compass Minis.

These improvements will also reduce costs for HandyDART customers aged 65 and older, and for customers between the ages of 13 and 18 (customers 12 and under ride free). For customers who are eligible for the age-based discounts, the fare changes are represented below:

Cash $3.05 $2.00 $1.05 per trip
FareSaver (now paid through Compass Card) $2.45 $2.00 $0.45 per trip
Monthly Transit Pass $100.25 $57.30 $42.95 per month

“I commend TransLink for bringing these improvements to HandyDART including fare reductions and Compass,” says HandyDART User’s Advisory Committee Chair Tim Louis. “From my personal experience, TransLink listened to their HandyDART customers through their robust engagement process. I look forward to working with TransLink’s new CEO, Kevin Quinn, to continue finding ways to improve HandyDART for the community.”

For customers seeking support on how to use Compass, TransLink is offering free training and information sessions. Go to to sign up and for more information. TransLink will continue to accept FareSavers as HandyDART payment until November 15 to support the transition period.

Quick Facts:

  • HandyDART is currently delivering around 57% of trips compared to 2019.
    • For most of the pandemic, HandyDART ridership levels were around 40% of pre-pandemic trips
  • TransLink’s latest projections predict HandyDART to exceed 2019 ridership levels by 30% within the next decade.
    • In 2019, there were more than 1.3 million trips on HandyDART.

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