A look back on Earth Day 2022 – Taking Transit for the Planet

A look back on Earth Day 2022 – Taking Transit for the Planet

Wide shot of SkyTrain with Cherry Blossoms in the foreground. Text on image: Park your car and take transit

On Earth Day, we launched #Transit4ThePlanet, encouraging Metro Vancouverites to leave their cars at home and take transit, knowing individual choices have the power to make a difference.

Nearly 320,000 people took transit for the planet!

Had all these people driven gasoline cars instead, 1,365 metric tonnes of CO2 would have been emitted. That’s equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from 294 gasoline cars being driven for a year!

Better yet, about one-third of all transit journeys on Earth Day used only near-zero-emission modes such as SkyTrain and electric trolleybuses. These modes reduce GHGs by over 99% compared to driving a gasoline car.

We also asked members of the public to take the #Transit4ThePlanet pledge and share their commitment in the fight against climate change.

Wildflower seeds were handed out to passengers in celebration and with gratitude for taking transit.

It is safe to say we made an incredible collective difference this Earth Day – thank you to everyone who took the pledge.

Remember, how we travel around the region can make a big difference. We encourage you to continue to take Transit for the Planet when you can.