Bus bays changing for customers at Phibbs Exchange, starting May 22

Bus bays changing for customers at Phibbs Exchange, starting May 22

Rendering of the completed Phibbs Exchange upgrade

The Phibbs Exchange upgrade is well underway, with the construction beginning in November 2022. But, as with any construction project, there will be ongoing temporary changes to accommodate the work.

Starting on May 22, we’re shuffling where buses pick up customers at Phibbs Exchange to accommodate the closure of Bay 4 to build a new crew room for bus operators. Customers should expect more shuffles in the coming weeks as construction advances.

Affected bus routes

That means customers who board at Phibbs Exchange for select bus routes will do so at a different bus bay:

  • 28 Joyce
  • 209, 210, 211 and 214 to Burrard Station
  • 214 Blueridge
  • 130 Metrotown Station

Customers should plan a couple minutes of extra travel time for finding the new bay for your bus.

Bus bays changing for customers at Phibbs Exchange

Here are the locations where the buses will pick up customers for all the bus routes at Phibbs Exchange as of May 22:

  • Bay 1: 28 Joyce Station
  • Bay 2: R2 Marine Drive RapidBus to Park Royal
  • Bay 3: 245 Capilano University
  • Bay 4: Closed
  • Bay 5: 214 Blueridge
  • Bay 6: 211 Seymour
  • Bay 7: 212 Deep Cove
  • Bay 8: 232 Grouse Mountain
  • Bay 9: 209 Upper Lynn Valley and 210 Upper Lynn Valley
  • Bay 10: 209, 2010, 211 and 214 to Burrard Station
  • Bay 11: 130 Metrotown Station and 222 Willingdon Express to Metrotown Station
  • Bay 12: 215 Indian River and 227 Lynn Valley

The Phibbs Exchange upgrade project

Together with B.C.’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, we’re excited to build the Phibbs Exchange upgrade to better meet the needs of the North Shore community and our growing region.

It improves the comfort and safety of transit passengers, better integrate the exchange with the neighbourhood, and provides more capacity for future service expansion.

The upgraded Phibbs Exchange will have better lighting, more weather protection, and enhanced accessibility with better connections for pedestrians and cyclists. New passenger amenities will include digital passenger information displays, new shelters, better signage throughout the exchange and bike lockers.