The next station is…a new season of the TransLink podcast!

The next station is…a new season of the TransLink podcast!

Host Jawn Jang with Laureen Regan, the voice of SkyTrain announcements
Jawn Jang, host of What’s the T: the TransLink Podcast, with Laureen Regan, the voice of SkyTrain announcements.

A new 10-episode season of What’s the T: the TransLink Podcast with Jawn Jang is here! And we’re excited to kick it off with an interview the voice of SkyTrain.

You hear the voice everyday as it narrates your SkyTrain commute, telling you what the next station is (I know you’re reading this in the voice), which side the doors will open, and where to change trains and exit for bus connections. But have you wondered who the voice belongs to?

It’s Laureen Regan, a voice actor from Calgary! In the episode, she shares how she got the job and if she had to audition, what it’s like for her hearing herself riding the SkyTrain, what she finds most interesting about the job, and if she gets recognized.

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This new season promises to bring listeners once again behind the scenes to uncover the real voices and stories that drive our transit system forward.

In the upcoming episodes, Jawn rides along with Transit Security to learn more about their unique role in supporting customers. He also finds out what’s the deal with single tracking and how we plan for large concerts like Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in December and events like FIFA World Cup 26.

What about how bus routes are numbered? Jawn digs into this too. He also visits our Customer Information team to learn about our popular Twitter account and finds out where SkyTrain cars sleep at night.

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Twice award-winning!

Not only are we excited to share news about the new season, but we’re also excited to share the team is the winner of an AdWheel Award from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA)! It won the First Place Award for Best Marketing and Communications Initiative – Electronic Media.

The annual AdWheel Awards are the most prestigious marketing and communications award program in public transportation, recognizing the outstanding efforts of APTA members.

TransLink competed among public transportation systems with more than 50 million annual passenger trips, which means we were up against some of the largest transit systems in North America!