Tap into transit with the Compass Mini-Trolley

Tap into transit with the Compass Mini-Trolley

A person taps a Compass Mini-Trolley at a fare gate

We have a new addition to the fleet of Compass Cards and products for Metro Vancouver transit: the Compass Mini-Trolley!

It’s available at the TransLink Customer Service Centre at Waterfront Station, beginning at 8 a.m. on August 16 and while supplies last, for a $6 refundable deposit. Customers are limited to two each.

There are 4,000 adult Compass Mini-Trolley and 1,000 concession ones.

This latest Compass Mini product pays homage to the Brill trolleybus and coincides with the 75th anniversary of the trolley bus. The first trolley bus and route started operation on Aug. 16, 1948 as part of the rails-to-rubber program to decommission and transition the streetcar to trolley buses.

Just like a Compass Card, customers can use their Compass Mini-Trolley to tap in and out when traveling on transit. The headlights light up when tapped!

Load Stored Value and fare products online, at a Compass Vending Machine, by phone, or in person.

Last year, we launched a Compass Mini-Train that resembled a small, model SkyTrain car. While the Compass Mini-Train has since sold out, the Compass Mini card and Compass Wristband continue to be available at the TransLink Customer Service Centre.

The Compass Mini-Trolley in both adult and concession sitting on top of a fare gate.