Subscribe and listen to “What’s the T: the TransLink Podcast”

Subscribe and listen to “What’s the T: the TransLink Podcast”

Jawn Jang interviews a person for the TransLink podcast

Strap on your headphones and prepare for a ride filled with fascinating stories as we launch our first podcast, What’s the T: the TransLink Podcast with Jawn Jang!

Join your host Jawn, a former radio personality, as he brings you behind the scenes to uncover the real voices and stories that drive our transit system forward.

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The first season consists of ten episodes. Jawn brings you renewed perspectives and insights from the inside on some of the things you may have wondered about the system and what makes it work. The first episodes are available now and the rest will be available weekly on Tuesdays until July 18. A new season with fresh topics will follow in the fall.

We know from our readers on The Buzzer that more than half choose to listen to something while riding, so this podcast is for you! We’d love to hear what you think about our podcast and ideas for future episodes, so leave us your thoughts in the comments. What’s the T is produced and recorded in-house at TransLink.

Whether you’re a daily commuter, a transit enthusiast, or simply looking for something to listen to, this podcast is sure to deliver. Hop aboard, press play, and let the adventure begin!