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Stunning new art-wrapped buses – coming to a bus loop near you!

Vancouver-based artist Diyan Achjadi is a known name in the local art scene. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia to a West-Javanese father and an English-Canadian mother, Diyan grew up moving between Jakarta, Hong Kong, London, and Washington DC.

Diyan’s work will now be adding a vivid visual experience to your commute!

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New bus shelters and more coming to Nanaimo Bus Exchange!

Nanaimo Bus Exchange rendering

Construction is expected to begin in early 2019 and conclude in late 2019

Exciting news for those of you who access the Nanaimo Bus Exchange on your daily commute!

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A look at the new TransLink buses entering service in Vancouver

Vancouver Transit Centre’s set to receive 104 of these new buses, built by Nova Bus.

Last week, the first of our new 40-foot hybrid buses, built by Nova Bus, went into service on route 25 UBC/Brentwood Station!

The buses have a diesel-electric hybrid drive system, which means they’ll have the lowest greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption in our fleet (aside from our electric trolleybuses). Read more »

The Reindeer Bus returns for 2018: a Vancouver holiday tradition

Ho-Ho-Hold on to your Compass Cards, Rudolph is comin’ to town!

That’s right! The Reindeer Bus (aka: 9543) has saddled up and is out and about spreading some holiday cheer throughout the region.

Spot it, snap it and share it on social media with the hashtag #ReindeerBus. We want to see your pics!

The bus gets bigger and better every year. New this year is an inflatable Santa Claus inside the bus along with improved lights, and larger and more detailed antlers.

Returning are the Rudolph’s flashing red nose, the Christmas lights adorning the outside of the bus from top to bottom, holiday carols, lights and garland inside the vehicle. Read more »

Why are TransLink buses green now?

TransLink Green New Flyer Bus

As these new buses arrive, we’ll put them into service on the existing network

Hey Metro Vancouver! As some of you might have noticed, new buses have been arriving to the fleet only, they look a little different than existing buses!

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The Fall 2018 issue of The Buzzer is now on the system

Fall issue of The Buzzer is now on the system!

Hey Vancouver, summer is almost over, and so the Fall issue of The Buzzer is here to remind you that! This issue is dedicated to Fall Service Changes, which begin Sept 3.

Changes include improvements to more than 20 bus routes as part of the 10-Year Vision: 43, 100, 319, 321 and many others, as well as the implementation of the first improvements outlined in the Southwest Area Transport Plan.

P.S. Stay tuned to The Buzzer blog—we’ll have more on service changes next week!

We also take a look at the 70th anniversary of Vancouver’s trolleybus network, and Poetry in Transit, which returns for its 22nd year!

As always, we have our usual favourites – Contest Corner (enter for a chance to win a Monthly Pass!), Back Issues and Coming Events!

Snag your issue today on the bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express, or download the PDF off the TransLink website.

What you missed and more chances to take part: Trolleybus anniversary and pop-up shop

You can buy trolley-bus-themed (L) t-shirts at the pop-up shop (R) at Waterfront Station.

August 16, 2018 marked a big day for transit enthusiasts! The streets of downtown Vancouver welcomed a Canadian Car-Brill T-48A back on its roads to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the trolleybus network.

Fans lined up at the corner of Seymour and West Cordova to get a chance to go back in time by riding a 1954 trolleybus for FREE!

Retired bus operator Angus McIntyre drove the bus that was packed with bus aficionados. Driving along the original route (eastbound at nearside Seymour, Main, Kingsway, Fraser to Fraser and Marine then returning the same route) for a ride that lasted 40 minutes, the historic trolleybus was cheered on by excited onlookers.

Passengers included Mike McDaniel, President, Coast Mountain Bus Company, and Bowinn Ma, Parliamentary Secretary for TransLink, Dale Laird, President of the Transit Museum Society, and other enthusiasts.

Mike McDaniel, President, Coast Mountain Bus Company (R), and Bowinn Ma, Parliamentary Secretary for TransLink, rode the historic trolleybus.

Young and old passengers took photos and chatted with each other, with some reminiscing about their first time on the trolleybuses.

Bowinn Ma spoke about her childhood with her grandmother taking her cousins on the trolleybus to Chinatown and paying 30 cents as fare.

The fare box near the driver’s seat was a far cry from today’s fare box, and so were the pull-down windows. A small gate near the rear door of the bus had to be pushed open and held when exiting the bus.

If you missed your chance to ride the historic trolleybus for FREE, don’t fret. The trolleybus, painted in the B.C. Hydro and Power Authority livery (design on the outside), will return to Vancouver’s streets for two more days:

  • Saturday, August 18, noon – 4 p.m. (departs from Cambie St at Hastings St, stop #50410, approximately every 30 mins.)
  • Friday, August 24, noon – 4 p.m. (departs from Cambie St at Hastings St, stop #50410, approximately every 30 mins.)

We expect the historic trolleybus rides to be very popular, so get there early! It’s first come, first served. Rides end at 4 p.m. on all days, so the last departure will be about half-an-hour prior on Aug. 18 & 24.

While waiting to board the bus outside Waterfront Station, you can also buy trolley-themed tee-shirts that are available at the pop-up shop inside the station.

This trolleybus-themed t-shirt is a hot-seller at the pop-up shop at Waterfront Station


The shop, which opened on August 16th, will be there for two more days until August 18th. It’s your chance to pick-up merchandise to show off your love for our Metro Vancouver transit system.

Local travellers and tourists thronged the pop-up shop to buy transit-themed apparel, pencils, station map mugs and mug sets, transit vehicle travel mugs and other drinkware, décor items, bus system map umbrella, laptop sleeve and other personal/tech items, as well as scale models of a SkyTrain or SeaBus.

The most popular item at the pop-up shop is the trolley-themed tee-shirt followed by transit-themed socks, and a baseball hat with the transit ‘T’ symbol.





The pop-up shop at Waterfront Station will run from:

  • August 16th& 17th, 8 a.m. to 6 pm
  • August 18th, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

Other new merchandise includes a transit map puzzle and the popular retro SeaBus t-shirts in two new colors.

Social media was abuzz with photos of people’s prized possessions with some even asking if items can be shipped abroad!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your calendar until August 18th and come see us at Waterfront Station! Be ready to take transit home!

Can’t make it? This new merchandise is also available on the TransLink Store where all orders now ship from Metro Vancouver!

Author: Tanushree Pillai

(PICTURES) The Vancouver trolleybus network turns 70 today!

Stanley Park (Chilco) Loop circa 1972

August 16, 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of Vancouver’s trolleybus network.

Today marks the 70th anniversary of Vancouver’s trolleybus network!

The electric trolleybuses first burst onto the scene as part of the ambitious “rails-to-rubber” conversion to decommission the streetcar network. The first trolleybus, a Canadian Car Brill T-44, hit the roads on August 16, 1948, forever changing the way we move around in the city.

Have you checked out the new items in the TransLink Store? We’ve released a commemorative shirt, recognizing the 70th anniversary of Vancouver’s trolleybus network! Available in men and ladies sizes.

For more than 60 years, the streetcar was the backbone of the region’s transit system. The end of the Great Depression and World War II challenged us to rethink public transit: stay with streetcars and their tracks, or look towards rubber-tired buses.  Read more »

Ride a historic trolleybus for FREE on August 16, 18 and 24

Come join us on August 16, 18 and 24 to take a trip down memory lane.

Vancouver’s trolleybus network turns 70 on August 16, 2018 and we’re celebrating with FREE rides on a historic trolleybus!

A 1954 Canadian Car Brill T-48A trolleybus, painted in the B.C. Hydro and Power Authority livery (design on the outside), returns to Vancouver’s streets for three days:

  • Thursday, August 16, noon – 4 p.m. (departs from Cordova St at Seymour St, approximately every 70 mins.)
  • Saturday, August 18, noon – 4 p.m. (departs from Cambie St at Hastings St, stop #50410, approximately every 30 mins.)
  • Friday, August 24, noon – 4 p.m. (departs from Cambie St at Hastings St, stop #50410, approximately every 30 mins.)

We expect the historic trolleybus rides to be very popular, so get there early! It’s first come, first served. Rides end at 4 p.m. on all three days, so the last departure will be about 70 mins. prior on Aug. 16 and about half-an-hour prior on Aug. 18 & 24.

The first trolleybus, a Canadian Car Brill T-44, hit the road on August 16, 1948, operating the 6 Fraser and 15 Cambie route. It was part of the ambitious “rails-to-rubber” conversion to decommission the streetcar network and replace it with trolleybuses.

The last streetcar route departed Vancouver’s streets in 1955. Diesel buses soon joined the fleet, and later came compressed natural gas and diesel-electric hybrid buses.  Next year, we’ll begin trialling four fast-charge battery-electric buses on the 100 Marpole Loop/22nd Street Station route.

Our trolleybus fleet today consists of 262 forty- and sixty-foot buses built by New Flyer. We’re the only transit system in Canada that operates trolleybuses and our fleet is one of the largest in North America!

New bus loop at Joyce-Collingwood Station and more!

The TransLink Maintenance and Repair Program is improving aging infrastructure across the system

Upgrades to Joyce-Collingwood Station are well underway. The new bus loop at Joyce-Collingwood Station is now complete – a milestone in the TransLink Maintenance and Repair Program that’s improving aging infrastructure across the system.

The next phase of construction will start next week, with crews completing necessary upgrade work.

The west stationhouse at Joyce–Collingwood SkyTrain Station will be closed from August 13 until spring 2019 as station improvements continue. During construction, the station will remain open and accessible to all customers.

Where do I catch my bus or SkyTrain?

Two new bus shelters at the Joyce-Collingwood Station – opening August 13.


Beginning August 13, customers will use the east stationhouse and newly-constructed bus loop to access SkyTrain and buses.

  • Buses will move to the new bus loop adjacent to the east stationhouse.
  • From August 13 to spring 2019, the west stationhouse will close and customers can catch their bus at the new bus loop adjacent to the east stationhouse.
  • The bus loop has larger shelters and is the new permanent location for the 28 and 41/43 routes.


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New NightBus District makes late-night transit easier to find

TransLink After Dark

Finding the NightBus just got easier in downtown Vancouver with the pilot NightBus District—a new, well-lit hub on West Georgia Street at Granville Street to catch the NightBus.

This is where all 10 NightBus routes will now start, making it easier than ever to find transit to take you home after 2  a.m.! It’s cheaper than a coat check, costing less than $3 to get home on NightBus.

NightBus District stops are the ones with the full moons on top!

NightBus District stops are the ones with the full moons on top!

NightBus routes from Downtown Vancouver depart every 30 minutes or better, seven days a week, and pick up customers throughout the downtown core, connecting them to destinations across the region.

The routes include service to Burnaby and SFU, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Richmond and YVR, Surrey, UBC and several points throughout Vancouver.

Three of the NightBus routes closely follow the same routes as the Millennium Line (N9), Canada Line (N10) and Expo Line (N19). Last departures from downtown on these routes are after 4 a.m. Last departures for other routes range from 3:09 a.m. to 5:09 a.m., depending on the route.

NightBus District and Route Map

The hub, which is a pilot project, was inspired by feedback from TransLink’s Late Night Stakeholder Committee that has been discussing late-night transit services for workers and patrons of the Downtown Entertainment District.

We’ll be monitoring the success of the program as we continue our assessment of late-night services.

Find out more about the NightBus District on!


10 most-used SkyTrain stations and bus routes, and more!

A screenshot of the Data Visualization Tool for the 2017 Transit Service Performance Review

Today, we released the findings of the 2017 Transit Network Performance Review (TSPR), which is like a report card on transit service!

New this year is an interactive TSPR dashboard and mapping tool! Make sure you check it out. It provides new types of data and allows users to explore it in a more intuitive way. The dashboard includes all of the route-level data reported in the previous TSPRs, and the mapping tool includes data down to individual bus stops.

Needless to say, there’s a wealth of information in the TSPR. That’s why we wanted to pull out some interesting lists for you!

10 most-used SkyTrain stations

Average weekday boardings

  • 1. Waterfront (Canada and Expo Lines): 37,500*
  • 2. Commercial–Broadway (Expo and Millennium Lines): 24,900
  • 3. Burrard (Expo Line): 23,000
  • 4. Granville (Expo Line): 20,600
  • 5. Metrotown (Expo Line): 19,900
  • 6. Vancouver City Centre (Canada Line): 18,400
  • 7. Stadium–Chinatown (Expo Line): 16,200
  • 8. New Westminster (Expo Line): 14,800
  • 9. Broadway–City Hall (Canada Line): 14,500
  • 10. Main Street–Science World (Expo Line): 14,300

*This is the first year the Canada Line has been incorporated with Expo Line.

10 most-used bus and SeaBus routes

Annual automatic passenger counter (APC) boardings

  • 1. 99 UBC/Commercial–Broadway Station: 17,421,000
  • 2. 41 UBC/Joyce–Collingwood Station: 8,918,000
  • 3. 20 Downtown/Victoria: 8,630,000
  • 4. 49 UBC/Metrotown Station: 8,034,000
  • 5. 25 UBC/Brentwood Town Centre Station: 7,642,000
  • 6. 16 Arbutus/29th Avenue Station: Vancouver/UBC 7,549,000
  • 7. 9 UBC/Alma/Granville/Commercial–Broadway Station/Boundary: 7,273,000
  • 8. 3 Downtown/Main: 6,724,000
  • 9. SeaBus: 6,343,000
  • 10. 106 Edmonds Station/New Westminster Station: 6,212,000

10 most-crowded bus routes

Annual revenue hours with overcrowding (percentage of ARHs with overcrowding) 

  • 1. 99 UBC/Commercial-Broadway Station B-Line: 39,500 (31%)
  • 2. 25 Brentwood Station/UBC: 17,800 (19%)
  • 3. 41 Joyce Station/Crown/UBC: 17,200 (17%)
  • 4. 49 Metrotown Station/Dunbar/UBC: 15,800 (18%)
  • 5. 95 Burrard Station/SFU B-Line: 11,900 (14%)
  • 6. 100 22nd Street Station/Marpole Loop: 9,900 (18%)
  • 7. 319 Scott Road Station/Newton Exchange: 9,400 (16%)
  • 8. 410 22nd Street Station/Queensborough/Railway: 8,900 (8%)
  • 9. 250 Horseshoe Bay/Dundarave/Vancouver: 8,500 (14%)
  • 10. 16 29th Avenue Station/Arbutus: 8,400 (8%)

10 bus and SeaBus routes with the most growth

Increase in annual automated passenger counter (APC) boardings 

  • 1. 96 B-Line Guildford Exchange/Newton Exchange: 757,000
  • 2. 49 UBC/Metrotown Station: 643,000
  • 3. 319 Scott Road Station/Newton Exchange: 543,000
  • 4. 3 Downtown/Main: 528,000
  • 5. 100 Marpole Loop/22nd Street Station: 497,000
  • 6. 10 Downtown/Granville: 478,000
  • 7. 410 22nd Street Station/Railway: 429,000
  • 8. SeaBus: 414,000
  • 9. 16 Arbutus/29th Avenue Station: 409,000
  • 10. 99 B-Line UBC/Commercial–Broadway Station: 389,000

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Wow, our transit system is really busy!” It sure is.

Investments in Phase One of the 10-Year Vision helped propel ridership to record heights. Not only was it a record year for Metro Vancouver transit in 2017 with 407 million boardings across the system, ridership last month smashed records. System-wide, ridership was up 9 per cent in May over the same month last year.

More improvements are already on the way as part of Phase One.

The 25, 100 and 319 routes, which are among the top 10 most-crowded routes in 2017, are receiving service increases to reduce overcrowding.

Eighty new SkyTrain cars will start arriving early next year. These new cars will increase capacity by about 10 per cent for Expo Line, 23 per cent for Millennium Line and 30 per cent for Canada Line. That equates to a total of 8,200 additional spaces per peak hour on both directions on all three SkyTrain lines!

If approved, the Phase Two Investment Plan will unlock even more new funding. Customers will see new Phase Two Plan transit services as early as 2019.

Want to learn more? You can read the full 2017 Transit Network Performance Review.

Only a few days left to help design the four new B-Line routes

TransLink is rolling out four new B-Line bus routes across 12 Metro Vancouver communities by the end of next year.

When launched, these B-Line routes will bring frequent, reliable service and shorter travel times within walking distance of a whopping 200,000 residents! Now’s the time to help shape these B-Line routes, and make sure they meet your community’s needs. The consultation period has been underway since April and will be closing on May 31.

Seven more B-Line routes that will come after the 2019 launch as part of future phases of the Mayors’ Council’s 10-Year Vision.

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The Buzzer illustrator interview: Marc Ramos

Photo of The Buzzer Illustrator Marc Ramos

Pick up the latest print edition of The Buzzer and you’ll have seen the creative work of Marc Ramos a Filipino artist and graduate of Emily Carr University of Art + Design’s animation program. Marc’s illustration sets the stage for our Tap to Pay campaign, as well as packages up valuable information on Spring Service Changes and updates to Metrotown Station.

We asked Marc a few questions to learn a little more about him as an illustrator.

Tell us about yourself!

Currently, I’m working in the animation industry as a 2D Layout Artist at Atomic Cartoons. I was fortunate to get a job in this industry right after graduation. I like playing basketball, playing the drums and guitar, photography and film making and drawing of course! And I also really like cats and dogs.

What gets you inspired when you’re creating?

Whether I’m working on something or am thinking of working on something, music, especially ambient music, helps me visualize and feel inspired to create.

What are your favourite subjects to illustrate?

I really enjoy drawing funny characters, but lately I’ve been interested in illustrating through storyboards, as we call them, documenting some of the interesting things that happen in my daily life.

Tell us about your illustration for the latest print Buzzer?

This illustration represents a first person view inside the SkyTrain with a number of passengers riding comfortably on it. If you’ve seen my Instagram profile, I do a lot of sketching inside the SkyTrain and that was the driving force for this illustration. I wanted it to look like it was drawn by me while on the SkyTrain.

What are your artist tools of choice?

I use my graphics tablet at home a lot these days, but whenever I get the chance to draw on the train, it’s either a fine tip pen, a broad tip pen, a ballpoint pen or a pencil.

What has been some of your favourite projects you’ve created?

The projects I am most proud of would be the animation projects I did when I was in my second year of animation school. Homework may not sound nice to some, but I really did enjoy doing those.

What are some of the fun projects you’re working on now?

Besides my daily life documentation through storyboards, I’m making video montages at the moment using my smartphone. Most of what I’ve captured so far has been the nice views on the skytrain between Edmonds and New Westminster station and on the Fraser River. Hopefully, I get good enough at making these videos so I can proudly post them on my Instagram later on.

What is your favourite mode of transit?

Hands down the Skytrain. You can’t really go wrong with the views.

Do you have any fun plans for Spring?

To be honest, I don’t really have definite “fun” plans for the Spring just yet. I plan on getting more fit. I guess we can call that a fun plan?

Thanks so much Marc for taking the time to give us a glimpse into your life as an artist! We look forward to seeing your video montages and all other creative work in the future!

Grab your copy of The Buzzer on SkyTrain, SeaBus, West Coast Express and buses before they’re gone or download it here.

Interested in becoming an illustrator for The Buzzer? Shoot us an email at

Author: Sarah Kertcher

Wayfinding 101: the SkyTrain, B-Line and SeaBus Network map (in depth)

This is part of our ongoing Wayfinding 101 series taking a closer look at wayfinding at TransLink, bringing you the ins and outs, and answers to your questions.

This week, we’re going to do something a little different and bring you a guest post from Jada Stevens, wayfinding specialist and graphic artist at TransLink.

She designs TransLink’s myriad of maps, including the SkyTrain, B-Line and SeaBus Network map that’s found at SkyTrain’s platform level. This map is used as a high-level snapshot of our fastest, most frequent and highest-capacity modes of transit. The routes on this map create the foundation of TransLink’s  entire network, and these routes have become synonymous to the growth and liveability of our region.

It’s up against Chile’s Santiago Metro in the World Cup of Transit Maps today, so we’d thought we’d reach out to Jada to write a guest post about all the quirks and details about this map! Read more »