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#MyTransLink – October 2

This week, we’re celebrating I Love Transit, a week dedicated to all of the things we love about… well… Transit! And if anyone loves transit, it’s you guys, our unofficial team of dedicated transit photographers who roam Metro Vancouver’s transit system in search of the perfect shot. At least, that’s how I see you guys anyways! Sun, sleet, snow or fog as requested for this edition of #MyTransLink, are no match for your keen eye.

Once again this post is full of just a sampling of the gorgeous shots from across the region. Scroll through the awe inspiring shots from the weeks that were and grab the upcoming theme at the bottom of this post!



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#newwestminster #sunrise #bridge #river #morningrunviews

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(VIDEO) I Love Transit 2018: Customers share why they love transit!

Welcome to I Love Transit 2018, Oct. 1–5! Today marks its official start.

It’s an annual, week-long celebration of our customers, transit enthusiasts and all the things we love about transit.

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Transit-friendly things to do in Vancouver this weekend

Your guide to transit-friendly things to do this weekend

It’s official – fall is over and sweater weather is here to stay. Warm scarves and oversized hoodies, all things pumpkin, and chilly mornings to wake up to – who needs anything more? We know some of us would love to stay home on the weekend, but there are people who like to go out!

Remember, there are only few more sunny days left, so make hay while the sun shines!

Read on to find out what exciting things you can do this weekend that are accessible by transit. The best part? We tell you how to get there!

Note: Event timings, locations, and prices may be subject to change. Check each event’s website for exact details.  Read more »

The I Love Transit 2018 special edition issue of The Buzzer is now on the system

I Love Transit Week is just around the corner, which means you can now find the corresponding annual special edition of The Buzzer on the system!

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Q&A: Emily Carr student Kimberly Parker talks transit etiquette

Illustrator Kimberly Parker chats about why transit etiquette is important

For Kimberly Parker, art isn’t just a hobby. As a recent graduate who majored in illustration from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design (ECUAD), Kimberly is one of the six students whose artwork depicting transit etiquette is currently displayed on our transit system.

TransLink’s recent collaboration with ECUAD aims to take a look at transit etiquette through the eyes of students who are also transit users themselves.

More than 40 students of the fourth-year illustration course at ECUAD, taught by Professors Justin Novak, Amory Abbott, and Daniel Drennan ElAwar, brought their own sense of creativity to the project.

Kimberly chats with our social media team about why transit etiquette is important.

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#MyTransLink – September 25

Fall in Metro Vancouver is synonymous with rain, but with rain comes rainbows and those gorgeous rainbow coloured skies. Last week, we asked you – our mighty army of transit photogs to share your rainbow pics with us for our weekly #MyTransLink photo series, and as always you did not disappoint.

Pictures from this week came in from all across the region, spanning land, sea and sky proving that transit really does have the best seat in the house. Scroll through our favourite shots from the weeks that were and grab the upcoming theme at the bottom of this post!



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the real pot of gold is that i didn’t even have to wait for the 84. #publictransport #vancouver

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I Love Transit 2018: Tell us your transit stories, share your love and win a Monthly Pass!

These students from SFU's School of Contemporary Arts love transit because it gets them to dance!

These students from SFU’s School of Contemporary Arts love transit because it gets them to dance. Stay tuned for our “I Love Transit” video!

I Love Transit is upon us! It’s the one week we take out of the year to celebrate what we love about transit.

We want you to tell us why you love transit! 

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The Buzzer illustrator interview: Stacy Lee

If you’ve picked up the fall edition of The Buzzer, you would have noticed a familiar face on the cover — Vancouver actor and comedian, Seth Rogen!

It’s the creative work of artist Stacy Lee, a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art + Design, celebrating Seth as a guest voice on transit this fall.

We caught up with Stacy to learn more about her as an illustrator.

Tell us about yourself!

I am a freelance illustrator from Vancouver, but recently moved back to Taiwan — my home country! Last year, I graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a bachelor of fine arts in illustration. During my spare time, I am either binge reading shoujo (romantic comedy) manga or watching gameplay commentaries on YouTube. What’s a social life anyway?

What do you usually illustrate?

I illustrate subject matter that spontaneously crosses my mind, which are usually inspired by everyday life. These ideas are then transformed into simple and light-hearted comics, usually told through 1-6 panels. I really enjoy telling stories to which others could relate, or to just simply put smiles on their faces!

What are your artist tools of choice?

For the past few years, I have really enjoyed illustrating digitally with my iPad, using Adobe Sketch. I usually create images with bold colours and simple lines, so it is a very convenient medium for me. However, doodling in my sketchbook with a Micron pen is always comforting!

Tell us about your illustration for the latest print edition of The Buzzer.

Since Seth Rogen is the special guest voice on transit this fall, my illustration features Seth enjoying his bus ride in Vancouver, amidst the joyous maple leaves.

Do you take transit? What’s your favourite – bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus or West Coast Express?

Yes, I take transit daily to either run errands, meet friends or commute to work. My favourite mode of transit is definitely the SkyTrain; it is convenient and very punctual!

What’s keeping you busy these days?

I am currently still adjusting to my new life in Taiwan, but definitely feel excited to be here! I am also working on my second zine and a few other pieces. I plan on opening an online shop some time in the future as well. Feel free to stay tuned for updates through my website and Instagram!

The SkyTrain is indeed very punctual! Happy to report that through 2018, the on-time performance of the Expo and Millennium Lines has been around 96 per cent, which ranks well with our peers.

Thanks so much Stacy for taking the time to give us a glimpse into her life as an artist!

If you haven’t picked it up already, it’s your last chance to pickup this edition of The Buzzer on SkyTrain, SeaBus, West Coast Express and buses. You can also download it here.

The next issue will be our special I Love Transit edition, featuring our annual colouring contest, which will be on the system starting on Friday, Sept. 28.

Interested in becoming an illustrator for The Buzzer? Shoot us an email at

Seth Rogen announcements version 3.0 now on the system!

Hey Vancouver! This is…you guessed it – your transit! And we are here to tell you that we have some BRAND NEW Seth Rogen announcements for ya!

Starting this weekend, and into next week, you can give a listen to (on Expo/Millennium/Canada Line platforms) Seth wax poetic 😉 about popular transit etiquette challenges like:

  • Don’t Block the SkyTrain Doors (Version 2)
  • Personal Audio Devices
  • Personal Space

You can also catch some other announcements that will play on-board Expo Line trains! That’s right, Seth Rogen has some non-etiquette musings regarding Chinatown on trains travelling from Commercial–Broadway Station to Main Street–Science World Station. If you’re taking the train from Main Street–Science World Station to Commercial–Broadway Station, then you can catch Seth talk about easing off the perfumes/colognes while taking transit. Read more »

I Love Transit 2018: K–12 students ride the bus for free, Oct. 1–5

Students in kindergarten through grade 12 will be eligible for free bus travel during I Love Transit Week, Oct. 1–5, 2018.

Students in kindergarten through grade 12 will be able to ride the bus for free, Oct. 1–5, 2018!

It’s all part of our annual I Love Transit celebration and our long-standing participation in iWALK, promoting transit use and active transportation to children.

Teachers! This is a perfect opportunity for teachers to take their class on a field trip using transit.

We ask teachers who are planning to take advantage of this offer to plan the transit portion during off-peak hours, between 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Please note that this does not include SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express. As well, regular fares apply to teachers and adults accompanying children and high school students on the system.

Want to plan a field trip for another time?

Enter our contest to win up to 35 DayPasses for your entire class to travel on a day of your choice during the rest of the school year! You can also purchase Compass Tickets for your entire class by emailing a request to

A DayPass provides unlimited transit use on all buses, SkyTrain and SeaBus for one day of your choice.

Also, your kids could win an all-inclusive field trip to attend I Love Transit Camp.

Let’s go! Put your walking shoes on and get trip ready with our Trip Planner, use Next Bus or reach out to our Customer Information team on Twitter or by phone at 604-953-3333.

#MyTransLink – September 18


Transition: the changing of one thing to another.

Seasons, colours, modes and so much more are currently in a state of transition which is why it was the natural choice for this weeks edition of #MyTransLink. Metro Vancouver is graced with such beauty each month of the year, but fall brings arguable some of the most stunning sights. Each week, we look to you, our snap happy customers, neighbours and transit users to snap and share with us your greatest photo conquests in and around transit in our region. Take a look at the week that was and scroll to the bottom for the upcoming theme!


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Poetry in Transit returns for a 22nd year!

Poetry in Transit 2018

Over the next year, keep your eyes peeled for these poetry “interior cards” on buses throughout Metro Vancouver!

On the heels of our new transit etiquette campaign featuring eye-catching illustrations from Emily Carr University of Art and Design students, we’re thrilled to bring you some amazing poetry from local poets onboard buses!

It’s all part of Poetry in Transit, an ongoing partnership between TransLink, BC Transit and the Association of Book Publishers of BC to showcase local poets. The project has been running since 1996, making it the longest-running poetry on transit program in Canada.

Poems eligible for the project must be written by BC writers and published in book form by Canadian publishers. Poems are submitted by publishers and selected by a jury. The 2018-19 selections are:

  • Susan Alexander, The Dance Floor Tilts (Thistledown Press)
  • George Bowering, Some End / West Broadway (New Star Books)
  • Kate Braid, Elemental (Caitlin Press)
  • Aidan Chafe, Short Histories of Light (McGill-Queen’s University Press)
  • Linda Crosfield, Refugium: Poems for the Pacific, ed. Yvonne Blomer (Caitlin Press)
  • Leef Evans, Sustenance: Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food, ed. Rachel Rose (Anvil Press)
  • Emily Nilsen, Otolith (Goose Lane Editions)
  • Arleen Paré, The Girls with the Stone Faces (Brick Books)

Over the next year, keep your eyes peeled for these poems on buses throughout Metro Vancouver and—for the first time—onboard our outreach bus at community events.

This year’s poetry “interior cards” launch at Word Vancouver, which takes on Sunday, Sept. 30, 2:20 p.m., at Library Square.

Join host Evelyn Lau for poetry readings by Alexander, Chafe, Crosfield, Evans, Nilsen, and David Zieroth. You’re also invited to board our outreach bus to read poetry.

Spot a poem on transit? Tweet a photo and/or your response to the poem with the hashtag #PoetryInTransit! Learn more about the project at

“Marky” — the newest Mark III SkyTrain is here!

After an epic, week-long journey across Canada, Marky — the newest Mark III SkyTrain — is now here! Marky arrived the evening of Sept. 12 and was unloaded the next morning on Sept. 13. Check out the time lapse above, and the photos below! Read more »

#MyTransLink – September 11

photo - pixabay

#MyTransLink is about YOU!

The rain is here, the sun is gone; summer clothes are being swapped for sweaters – there’s a finality about these things. There’s something magical about this time though – the sundown light is perfect for those Instagram photos. So, last week, we asked you to share photos of your commute.

If you missed the memo, #MyTransLink is our weekly feature where we showcase your photos that you share with us on Instagram.

Here are some of the images from last week. Thank you for taking those awesome photos and sharing with us! You guys rock! Read along for next week’s theme.


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Emily Carr student illustrations capture customers’ transit etiquette

If you take public transit, you probably have a pet peeve, right? That guy who’s talking loudly on the phone the entire time, and now everyone on the bus/SkyTrain knows why he broke up with his significant other.

Those folks occupying priority seats and ignoring senior/pregnant/people with mobility issues/people with invisible disabilities – anyone, who could really use that seat.

What about those with huge backpacks? We are sure some of you were hit by one of those flying backpacks and the owner never realized it.

When it comes to public transit, etiquette is paramount. How you behave on transit is a reflection of your ethos.

With Seth Rogen as our guest voice on transit, we aimed to shine the spotlight on transit etiquette.

And now with this collaboration with Emily Carr University of Art + Design (ECUAD), we aim to take a look at transit etiquette through the eyes of students who are also transit users themselves.

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